Upcoming Events

Since many of us in this business are working from home and/or have our businesses closed to the public for the time being, Goldsmith Sales and many of our vendors are offering online meetings and webinars to share product training and general education on a variety of products and solutions that apply to you and your customers’ needs.

  • Synthax – Distributor of RME, Ferrofish, Digigram, MyMix, Appsys and Alva.  They are offering helpful webinars on a regular basis discussing setting up robust and reliable audio networks and Digigram codecs for all types of audio broadcasting. 
  • Purelink AV  Makers of video switching, AV over IP, digital signage control and much more. 
  • Tascam   Professional audio, mixing/recording products, Dante interfaces, AV over IP and video streaming solutions and more. 
  • Music Tribe  Midas, Tannoy, Behringer, Klark Teknik, LabGruppen and more.  They are providing webinars on a variety of applications within the next week or so.  We can request custom webinars to fit your needs as well. 
  • Alcons Audio   Premium audio solutions from the Netherlands company that has tamed the ribbon driver to produce the incredible sound fidelity for a variety of applications – live sound, cinema and more. We can set up custom webinar meetings.
  • Visit the “Contact Us” page to LET US KNOW how we can tailor an online meeting just for you. 

Explore The Offerings

Goldsmith Sales represents some of the industry’s greatest manufacturers and distributors.  We offer a wide variety of products in nearly every category in our industry.  We’re sure we can help you find what’s right for you and your customers. 

Brand News

Groundbreaking amplification for guitar and bass.

We are proud to now represent Quilter Labs. Founded by Pat Quilter (the "Q" in QSC) who knows amplification
better than many.

Aoto Electronics is the US subsidiary of Aoto Group, a leading LED display manufacturer known for its high-quality, durable displays and a wide choice of offerings to the market.  They are partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry so you’ve seen their displays many times. 

Grandview Screen is a global leading projection screen manufacturer, offering a complete line of internationally recognized and regarded screens. Decades of engineering and production experience; pioneering the frontier for Projection Screens.

We have spent over 30 years developing innovative digital systems so we are offering complete reliable point to point encoding and streaming links, from on-the-go portable outside broadcast encoders, to strong and efficient studio to transmitters links.