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Goldsmith Sales represents some of the industry’s greatest manufacturers and distributors.  We offer a wide variety of products in nearly every category in our industry.  We’re sure we can help you find what’s right for you and your customers. 

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Gamma LED Vision

Stage and Theatrical Lights – WorkPro Lifts – Lightshark Lighting Controllers – Staging and more!

A.C. Pro Media is install division of AC Lighting.  Distributed out of Ontario, Canada, A.C. Pro Media has a variety of install solutions including Audac audio products, Luminex networking products, Chroma-Q install lighting and more. 

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We are now the NW reps for Two Old Hippies manufacturer of the Breedlove, Bedell and Weber brands of stringed instruments. 

Based in Bend, OR, their instruments are made with a passion that originates in the beautiful Pacific NW. 

MG-300 Modeling Guitar Processor

Explore the power and incredible sound of this $150 guitar multi-effects.

Aoto Electronics is the US subsidiary of Aoto Group, a leading LED display manufacturer known for its high-quality, durable displays and a wide choice of offerings to the market.  They are partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry so you’ve seen their displays many times.

Created in 1995, WORK is a company from Spain dedicated to the professional audio and lighting sector. Through its leading brand WORK PRO®, it offers an exclusive range of products designed to meet real user needs.

We have spent over 30 years developing innovative digital systems so we are offering complete reliable point to point encoding and streaming links, from on-the-go portable outside broadcast encoders, to strong and efficient studio to transmitters links.